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At Anytime Waste Systems, we strive to follow the AWS Golden Rules:

  • All Customers deserve our same respect that they would give in return
  • We keep every promise we make and only make promises we can keep
  • Stay consistent every day working hard to provide responsible and reliable service

Anytime Waste Systems is in its second generation of non-hazardous solid waste and recycling service, organizing under new management, to offer new and former customers great services at a great value. We provide hauling services to commercial and industrial customers.

Anytime Waste Systems (AWS) is a Louisville based privately owned solid waste and recycling company that provides commercial and industrial trash and recycling services in the Louisville metropolitan service area. 

President, Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon originally started Anytime Waste in 1996 and maintained until the divesture in 2011 to take care of his family.  This is the second generation of AWS starting in May, 2017.   Many of the same people that worked with Anytime Waste have come back to join Michael in building a regional, independent waste service provider.  Collectively Anytime Waste has 150+ years’ experience with providing services to industrial sites, manufacturing sites, retail establishments; business’ small and large.  Our experience is diverse in providing unique recycling opportunities and landfill diversion opportunities to assist with a Sustainable Environment.  We can also manage special waste for you such as asbestos, contaminated soils and more.  Our landfill disposal is at a state-of-art Subtitle D landfill located within the Louisville metro service area.   No customer is too big or too small, we value every.  We have a relentless commitment to both safety and customer service.

Our philosophy is straight forward pricing without all the extra fees that competitors charge.  Our invoice charges are consistent without surprise price increases.   You don’t get an 800# with us, you talk to the people who will help you get the trash and recycling services that you deserve.   Our invoices are easy to read and we are available ANYTIME to address your needs. 

We offer exceptional service through strong communication. 

We offer a free service called a ‘waste assessment’.  This is a structured process where we evaluate what rubbish being thrown away to determine the best and most economical trash and recycling services for your business.  We can offer you concrete recycling options and composting options for your organic waste streams. 

All of our garbage trucks are equipped with an electronic tablet to assist in GPS dispatching to pick up your waste in the most efficient way to save you money. 

AWS currently provides garbage service to 2,000 front load containers, 1,000 roll off boxes and has over 1,000 residential homes.  Our base of operation is located at 3816 Bishop Lane, Louisville, KY 40218.

Come get ‘trashed’ the Anytime way!

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