Our Company

At Anytime Waste Systems, we strive to follow the AWS Golden Rules:

  • All Customers deserve our same respect that they would give in return
  • We keep every promise we make and only make promises we can keep
  • Stay consistent every day working hard to provide responsible and reliable service

Anytime Waste Systems is in its second generation of non-hazardous solid waste and recycling service, organizing under new management, to offer new and former customers great services at a great value. We provide hauling services to commercial and industrial customers.

We Keep It Running

Michael Gordon


Nancy Calloway

Chief Financial Officer

Barbara Kapfhammer

Accounting Manager

Molly Spears


We Keep It Reasonable

Terry Sears

Vice President/Sales Manager

Bernie Gordon

Sales Associate

Lori Smith

Sales Associate

Chris Scholtz

Sales Associate

We Keep It Rolling

Mike Grubs

Sr. Driver

Clarence Summers

Sr. Driver

Dalles Rison

Sr. Driver

Greg Gordon

Chief Mechanic

(502) 915-7116